Prostate brachytherapy

As a form of radiotherapy, brachytherapy is an advanced cancer treatment. It is an outpatient procedure, even if it works from inside the human body. It is also called implant radiation or internal radiation. Radioactive material is placed into or near the tumor, giving high radiation dosis without massive radiation exposure to the healthy cells around the tumor. The risks of this procedure can be minimized by best possible treatment planning.

MedCom has developed a brachytherapy treatment planning solutions in cooperation with Pi-Medical Ltd.: Oncentra ProstateĀ® - designed and established for prostate cancer treatment. This image-guided adaptive brachytherapy system is a milestone in the development of significant improvement of efficiency in tumour targeting. While reducing the risk of the side effects, the treatment planning system is even more efficient than before: it enables radiotherapists to plan targeted treatment in real-time workflows, leading to a conformal treatment plan, the possibility to plan using ultrasound, CT and MRT image modalities. Both Systems are distributed by Elekta Brachytherapy.

Benefits with BiopSee

BiopSeeĀ® can easily export data for Prostate brachytherapy and even use BiopSeeĀ® for elastic registration in cases of deformation of the prostate.