About MedCom

MedCom was founded in 1997 and is specialized in the field of medical imaging. MedCom offers innovative and advanced imaging-based products with emphasis on interventional/surgical navigation and cancer treatment solutions (instrument navigation, brachytherapy, patient positioning & verification, virtual simulation).
MedCom developed the first commercially released “fusion imaging” with integrated intervention planning product for liver (2002) and prostate (2007).
As an OEM/B2B company, MedCom is providing products for various global corporations offering integrated clinical solutions, as well as to high-end clinics in the research sector. For more information about MedCom GmbH, please visit

About BiopSee®

BiopSee® fuses the mp-MRI images with ultrasound images in real-time, allowing highly accurate placement of the biopsy needles in the prostate, to target the tumour with exceptional precision. 3D ultrasound image acquisition, rigid/elastic fusion capabilities together with comprehensive documentation, reporting software and interfaces to practically all therapy alternatives (cryotherapy, brachytherapy, HIFU, RF, photodynamic or any other treatment method) deliver an exceptional platform supporting the doctors in an optimal way.