Fusion Biopsy

Prostate MRI and fusion biopsy play an important role in the screening, evaluation, diagnosis, targeted biopsy, surveillance and focal therapy of the prostate cancer patient.

MRI/US fusion superimposes diagnostic MRI images over a real-time ultrasound. This allows targeting of suspicious lesions seen on MRI to be biopsied under real time ultrasound. The goal is to combine the high soft tissue resolution of the MR image with the real-time visualization of TRUS.

The doctor guides the biopsy needle to suspicious areas after co-registering MRI and US image.

According to clinical studies the detection rate of prostate cancer with a random TRUS biopsy is around 33% and by using the BiopSeeĀ® Solution: U/S-MRI image fusion & navigated biopsy the general success rate doubles to 58%-70% and for targeted on mp-MRI-suspicious locations reaches a high of 86%-100%

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