• Intuitive, simple, fast learning, precise workflow

  • Improve the diagnostic accuracy with MRI/PET/US fused biopsies

  • Eliminate the risk of missing pathologies on systematic biopsies

  • Accurate navigation to suspicious areas

  • Monitor and follow-up the patients


  • Prof. Dr. Hadaschik, Essen, Germany

"Simply gives you the best prostate biopsy in the world: This system allows for exceptionally precise biopsies in a very easy way. In addition to integrating MRI data, it captures every sample location in all 3 dimensions. Thus we can attribute to each biopsy sample and/or positive finding its aggressiveness and exact location."

  • Prof. Dr. Tunn, Offenbach, Germany

"The perfect tool to pinpoint lesions and treat them: Focal therapy depends entirely on the possibility to exactly localize and hit cancerous lesions in the prostate. Under certain circumstances some patients can be diagnosed and be treated focally in the same session. BiopSee® is the perfect tool to achieve this."

  • Dr. Kastner, Cambridge, UK

"State-of-the-art biopsy without any barriers:The beauty of BiopSee® is that it makes state-of-the-art prostate biopsies accessible to any urologist and therefore to any patient up and down the country."

  • Dr. Fernando Gómez Sancha, Madrid, Spain

"Biopsee is an easy-to-use system: It is fast and extremely precise. It has changed completely our vision of prostatic cancer diagnosis. There is no way back. It has become an indispensable tool of decision making process. I think that all urologists in Spain should use it."

  • Dr. Antonio Celia, Dr. Calogero Cicero, Bassano del Grappa, Italy

"Fusion biopsy comes true: BiopSee® and Watson Elementary® are two exceptional devices working in synergy, improving the accuracy of biopsy and prostate cancer staging, and lay the ground for focal therapy."

  • Dr. Kasra Taymoorian md febu, Koblenz, Germany

"With BiopSee I can give my patients peace of mind: Whether a patient has a rising PSA level but with negative prior biopsies, or coming for the first diagnosis, BiopSee offers me and my patients the comfort of conclusive knowledge. BiopSee simply minimizes the chance of false negatives."

  • Prof. Dr. Hashim Ahmed, Professor & Chair of Urology, Imperial College London, UK

 "After trialling various systems on the market we felt that the Hitachi ARIETTA / MedCom BiopSee combination offered us the best in high resolution imaging together with precise, accurate needle placement and an easy streamlined fusion software interface. This will help deliver a faster diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer and reduce waiting times. The safer transperineal biopsy route will also reduce infection and life-threatening sepsis rates."